“Heart Care is the New Self-Care” – Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

This interview could save your life or the life of a woman you know. Please share it with every woman in your life. Heart disease is the number one killer of women but so many women are unaware of this information. Today’s show is going to spotlight the importance of taking care of your heart health, what the key risk factors are, and how to focus on prevention.

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1️⃣ The statistics about heart disease and how it is the #1 killer of women. 70% of women don’t realize they are at risk.

2️⃣ The role research, the doctors, and even women have played and not changing this statistic in the last twenty years.

3️⃣ How we can take ownership of our health since 80% of heart disease is preventable. The importance of preventative care.

4️⃣ The blood tests we need as well as the other factors that play into our heart health.

5️⃣ The symptoms that women may have and how they differ from men. Knowledge is power here to advocate for yourself. Women still die in the hospital of heart attacks.

6️⃣ The importance of exercise, sleep, and meditation.

7️⃣ Why Dr. Steinbaum is launching Adesso (means now in Italian) and how it is going to change the landscape of heart health, and more.





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“Since the dawn of recorded time in almost every culture, our heart has been the symbol of our ultimate essence as human beings. Cupid, St. Valentine, the source of songs, poetry and art, our heart elevates that which makes us fully alive: our capacity for love, passion, romance, purpose. Life at its fullest.

And yet heart disease is the #1 killer of women. 1 in 3 women will die of heart disease and for the past 20 years, over the course of my entire career as a preventive cardiologist, that figure hasn’t changed. This disconnect, this Grand Canyon from the abstract idea of our hearts and the real working function of the organ at the center of our being, is what needs to change.

We know now that preventing heart disease is not defined just by medical data like blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, sugars and medication. True heart health stems from every aspect of our lives, like stress, relationships, sleep, how we nourish ourselves, how we move and yes, even how we love.

As we fully put ourselves and our heart at the center of our lives, we will fully change the course of this disease that 80 percent of the time is preventable. We can and will change this. When we live from the heart, we live! Life at its fullest.”


Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is a leader in preventive cardiology, now in private practice in New York. She launched heart prevention programs at Mt. Sinai Heart, Northwell Lenox Hill and Beth Israel. She is the CEO/Founder of Adesso, a technology-based prevention model. She is also the author of “Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart Healthy Life”, and has been a national spokesperson for Go Red through the American Heart Association for 18 years.

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