“Are you broken or are you a badass?” – Sarah Whitten

Have you ever wondered if anyone could sing? Have you thought about how important your voice is for expressing who are in this world? I LOVED this conversation today with my guest today, Sarah Whitten, who is a vocal coach aka the “vocal yogi”. Our voice is our connection to our soul. Sarah connects singers to their body, voice, and breath so they can access their “one true voice” and move away from believing they are “broken”. We discuss how you can access your true voice even if you aren’t a singer. How to listen to your body so you are in alignment. Sarah also answers the question “Can anyone sing?” and so much more. The show notes are at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/032.

Key Takeaways

Whether you are a singer or not – You need to learn how your body feels.  Have curiosity about your body and emotions. Pay attention to how what you do feels in your body. When you sit and get up, pay attention. After you work out evaluate how you feel. Be a student of your body.

Our voice is how we communicate who we are in life.  As layers of critical voices arise, we don’t express ourselves fully.  

Deeply profound and healing by understanding the intersection of your voice, body, and spirit.

Sarah’s 3 Best Tips to Own Your True Voice:

  1. Own your genius work.  Own what you are really good at.
  2. Learning to live without apology.  When you stop apologizing for being yourself you are stepping into your power.
  3. Speak without shame.

Resources Mentioned

Sarah Whitten Website
Katy Bowman – Nutritious Movement
National Association of Teachers of Singing
Michele’s Freebie

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