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Stress affects everyone and unmanaged stress can impact your quality of life, and ultimately your health. In today’s interview, Rob Toomey, the President of TypeCoach walks us through identifying our stress “triggers” through the lens of personality type. He discusses how to navigate your stress response based on your four letter type code and your dominant function. To follow along, be sure to check out the chart below. Also, check out the show notes at

He is also giving away access to his personality type products which is a $100 value!  This offer is only for a limited time.  It takes you deep into type and helps you better understand your strengths and how to communicate with other types.  There is an entire chart to help you do this and better understand the people in your lives.  Details on how to access this freebie are below in the show notes.

Dominant Function:

T= Thinking
F= Feeling
N= Intuition
S= Sensing

In the “Yellow Zone” of “Serious” stress – The Dominant Function gets intensified.

There are two things that happen when under stress – we go into the Yellow Zone — a heightening of that dominant preference.  Ex, dominant feelers become more aware of their sensitive state.  This behavior is consistent across cultures and ages.

In the “RED Zone” people lose touch with themselves and lose touch with their dominant function.   Hopefully, this doesn’t happen more than once a year.

Rob says that when people are stressed out, they behave uncharacteristically in their relationships. This behavior can be seen in a professional context as well. You can’t rationalize with them when they are in this place.

Another helpful slide referenced in the show:

Rob has trained over 30,000 people on type, and his online platform has trained another 100,000. I don’t know anyone more knowledgable on the subject and as great of a teacher. Rob is excellent at breaking things down in an easy way to understand.

*Access to Your Freebie to Discover Your Type! *PLEASE NOTE: Access To Rob’s training (a $100 value) will only be available until June 1, 2019 or up until 50 registrants – whichever comes first.”* By accessing Rob’s free training you agree to be contacted via email by TypeCoach with further offers. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

Directions on how to access the freebie is below:Â

  • Go to: using a computer (not device) with your most up to date internet browser (chrome, firefox, etc.)
  • Sign Up”(top right) & create and save your password
  • Create a new TypeCoach account
  • Your access code: UP7VKJ
  • When you come back to the site, just Login (top right) to pick up where you left off.


  • If you want, access an interactive, video-based experience to discover and verify your best fit personality type. 
  • Approximately 20 minutes in length to complete 
  • The TypeCoach Verifier
  • Download your custom report at the end of the Verifier. Bring a printed copy to your session (if applicable)
  • Report contains tips for maximizing your natural strengths, minimizing your challenge areas, info about your stress responses, and more

Click on any name (or type) to access top ten tips for working with them based on YOUR type and THEIR type.

The Type-to-Type tool

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